Plant DNA Isolation

Extraction of high quality nucleic acids is a pre-requisite for studies on molecular biology of many plant species. Compounds such as polyphenols and their quinine oxidation products, and polymeric carbohydrates from the cell wall and middle lamella cause enormous problems in isolation of nucleic acids from plant samples.  During homogenization process, cells are disrupted leading to oxidation of phenolic compounds which can then interact irreversibly with proteins and nucleic acids. These compounds which bind to nucleic acids, interfere with quantification of total nucleic acids, interfere with restriction digestion, and inhibit the activities of polymerase enzyme in DNA amplification as well as translational activities of RNA.

Our Kits

Process up to 50 mg of plant samples
Two different options for homogenization
Simple and straightforward protocol
Multiple purification options
Direct precipitation
Silica membrane purification
Magnetic beads purification
DNA in less than 15 minutes

Lyse’N’Trap           PDMN-02 Series
Isolation and purification with the aid of silica membranes.
No separate purification steps for inhibitor removal
Bind lysate directly to spin columns
Wash and Elute
Complete the prep in less than 15 minutes

Isolation and purification of nucleic acids with the aid of silica membranes.

Protocol Overview


Hand Homogenization System

Mini Prep  


     User Provided Homogenization System

Catalog Number Size Price
PDMN-02-10 10 Preps $ 45.00
PDMN-02-50 50 Preps $ 75.00
PDMN-02-100 100 Preps $ 125.00

This kit does not come with homogenizing bead tubes; for homogenized samples

   Hand Homogenization System Included

Catalog Number Size Price
PDMN-02H-10 10 Preps $ 45.00
PDMN-02H-50 50 Preps $ 100.00
PDMN-02H-100 100 Preps $ 200.00

Unique hand grinding system included for efficient homogenization of plant samples

Direct Precipitation
Direct precipitation and purification of nucleic acids without the aid of solid phase purification.  Use same set of reagents to isolate and purify nucleic acids without the aid of silica membranes; great option to customize your protocol.  Suitable for difficult plant samples rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides.


Magnetic Beads
Isolation and purification of nucleic acids with the aid of silica-coated magnetic beads with the same set of reagents.  Substitute magnetic beads instead of silica membrane spin columns.  A great way to scale-up your protocol and ideal for automated DNA isolations.