Taq Plus Polymerase

Taq Plus DNA Polymerase
Taq Plus DNA Polymerase is a mixture of Taq and Pfu polymerases, combines the processivity of Taq with the high fidelity of Pfu. The two enzymes act synergistically during PCR to generate more accurate and longer PCR products with greater yields compared to Taq DNA polymerase alone. It can amplify DNA target up to 20 kb (simple template) and it is suitable as a direct replacement for ordinary Taq Polymerase in most applications. It is a better choice for amplifying complex templates, such as GC-rich templates. PCR products amplified by Taq plus generate a mixture of blunt ends and single base (A) 3′ overhang. The error rate is 7.5 x 10-5/nucleotide/cycle.

Amplification of long template up to 20 kb
Amplification of complex templates
High fidelity PCR

Storage Buffer
20mM Tris HCl (pH 8.0)
100 mM KCl
3 mM MgCl2
1 mM DTT
0.1% NP-40
0.1% Tween 20
0.2 mg/ml BSA
50% (v/v) glycerol

10X PCR Buffer with Mg2+
100 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.8)
500 mM KCl
1% Triton X-100
16 mM MgCl2

Catalog # Size Price
TP-23-01 500 U $ 72.00
TP-23-02 1000 U $ 130.00

Taq Plus DNA Polymerase Mix
Taq Plus Mix (2X) is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use solution containing Plus DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, Mg2+ and Reaction Buffer at optimal concentrations for efficient amplification of DNA templates in PCR. To prepare the final PCR, primers and template DNA are directly added to the aliquoted Plus Mix. Plus Mix contributes to highly reproducible PCR by reducing the risk of pipetting errors, miscalculation and contamination. It also contributes to higher sensitivity by adding enhancers.

Long PCR with high fidelity
Highly reproducible PCR for complex templates
High throughput PCR for complex templates
Generation of PCR products for TA cloning

Composition of 2X Plus Mix
0.4U/μl Taq Plus DNA Polymerase
2X PCR Buffer
0.4 mM dNTPs
4 mM MgSO4
0.02% Bromophenol blue

Reduced hands-on time
Lower contamination and pipetting error risks

Catalog # Size Price
TP-24-01 1 ml $ 80.00
TP-24-02 1 x 5 ml $ 360.00

Unit Definition
One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to catalyze the incorporation of 10 nmole of dNTPs inot an acid-insoluble form in 30 minutes at 70˚C using hering sperm DNA as substrate.

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