We offer a wide variety of lab accessories tailored to every step in your sample preparation.  These include from homogenizing beads to Taq enzyme, and every thing in between.

We have a wide range of homogenizing beads to cover all your homogenizing needs for any sample type. 

We have several options for silica membrane spin columns.  The loading volumes range from 650 microliters to 60 ml.  Our collection includes 6 different loading volumes and with an option to use in the field.

Our reagents include Lysis buffers for DNA and RNA isolation, along with corresponding Bind Buffers.  We also offer clean-up reagent set to improve nucleic acid quality.  This is a great way to customize our nucleic acid isolation for unique and challenging sample types. 

Sample concentrator is a unique device that lets you concentrate nucleic acids from larger volumes.  You can load multiple volumes of 4.5 ml and concentrate onto a mini silica membrane spin columns.  You can use a centrifuge or vacuum to concentrate your samples, and can do multiple loads of your samples.

The other accessories include nucleic acid storage cards96 well platesmagnetic beads and filtration columns with various pore sizes.