Magnetic Beads         

 Silica Modified Magnetic Beads           

 Silica-modified magnetic beads are uniform, superparamagnetic beads coated with silica

The beads can be further modified to carry different functional groups for other applications

Used for nucleic acid isolation and purification

Silica-modified magentic beads bind nucleic acids in the presence of chaotrophic salts and alcohol Our magnetic beads come suspended in sterile water at a concentration of 50 mg/ml.

Catalog Number        Quantity              Price       
 MB-01-50                        50 mg                $ 45.00

 MB-01-100                      100 mg               $ 90.00


Carboxy-terminated Magnetic Beads           

Carboxy-terminated magnetic beads are uniform, silica-based superparamagnetic beads

Coated with high density carboxyl functional groups on the surface

Nucleic acid binding is mediated in the presence of polyethylene glycol and sodium chloride

Covered by US Patent 5898071 (DNA Purification using Magnetic Particles). 

Other applications include covalent conjugation of primary amine containing ligands via stable amide bonds. 

Carboxy-terminated magnetic beads are most suitable for conjugation of large proteins.

Catalog Number        Quantity              Price       
 MB-02-50                        50 mg                $ 112.00

 MB-02-100                      100 mg               $ 220.00