At BPI Tech, we are committed to revolutionize the art and science  of sample preparation for biopolymer isolations and purifications, especially nucleic acids and proteins from a variety of biological sources.  Our kits and isolation protocols are designed to meet the current requirements for Next generation high throughput sequencing of different biological samples.  Our technology works around the type of biological samples processed, rather than blindly adopting a particular protocol to any and all biological samples.  We place great emphasize on understanding the chemistry of the sample type, whether it is soil, plant, mammalian tissues, blood, fecal samples or microbes, and our isolation protocols work around the chemical composition of these types of samples.  To keep up with the advances in instrumentation, we constantly strive to improve the sensitivity of our isolation protocols, placing importance on both, quantitative isolation and qualitative isolation.  Our isolation methods include direct precipitation of nucleic acids from homogenized samples, use of silica membranes, silica-coated magnetic beads and charged polymer beads.

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits-Re visited

Double Your Yield            Increase Your Sensitivity            Improve your Resolution            Broaden Your Diversity

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits - Several Options

Direct Precipitation    

Precipitate out nucleic acids directly out of the lysis buffer

Quick, easy, robust and economical

Silica Membrane Spin Columns   

Mini columns (650µl & 850 µl volumes), Midi Columns and Maxi Columns

Hand-held columns and 96 well plates

Silica-Coated Magnetic Beads

Uniform bead sizes, increased surface area for effective binding and dispersion

Carboxyl-Coated Magnetic Beads

Uniform bead sizes, high density carboxyl groups for effective binding

Polymer Beads

Charged polymer beads for efficient capture of circulating and cell free DNA in body fluids

Sample Preparation

Homogenizing beads to cover all your homogenizing needs for any sample type.

These are high density beads ranging from glass beads to stainless steel beads. 

Lysis buffers for DNA and RNA isolation, along with corresponding Bind Buffers.  We also offer clean-up reagent set to improve nucleic acid quality.  This is a great way to customize our nucleic acid isolation for unique and challenging sample types. 

Sample concentrator is a unique device that lets you concentrate nucleic acids from larger volumes.  You can load up to 4.5 ml and concentrate onto a mini silica membrane spin columns.  You can use a centrifuge or vacuum to concentrate your samples, and can do multiple loads of your samples.